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Debate: Should We Save The Komodo Dragons

Filed under: Biology — Denise J. at 11:29 am on Saturday, February 20, 2010

komodo-dragon 1. Why is this species important to the ecosystem?

Komodo Dragons are important to the ecosystem because they are the only carnivore on Komodo Island, where they live.  They keep the other animals populations from becoming out of control.

2. What would happen to the ecosystem if it were removed?

Pro: The herbivores on the island would have a better chance of survival because there would be nothing to eat them.

Con: The island would overpopulate with the herbivores because nothing would be killing them off.

3. What other organisms do Komodo Dragons affect?

Pro: Komodo Dragons affect their prey.  If they were to go extinct the prey could live without being eaten and have a better chance at survival.

Con: Komodo Dragons affect their prey.  If they were to go extinct the prey would overpopulate, run out of food, and probably become extinct, too.

4. What is man’s role in causing Komodo Dragons to go extinct?

Pro: Man has raised awareness about the Komodo Dragons and made laws to protect them.

Con: Man has captured Komodo Dragons for it’s skin and teeth and to take to zoo’s.  Also, man visits Komodo National Park and causes the dragons distress and destroys their natural habitat.


5. What role do national governments play in this debate?

Pro: National governments have made Komodo Island a national park and made it illegal to kill the dragons.

Con: National governments encourage tourism and have used Komodo Island as a money-making decision instead of a decision to protect the dragons.

6. What should be done to save Komodo Dragons?

Pro: Governments should make it illegal to set foot on Komodo Island and relocate the people who live there because the dragons need to be saved, the whole ecosystem would be ruined without them.

Con: The government should just leave the Komodo Dragons alone and not do anything different.  They should just let them go extinct because that is the ways of the world; species go extinct and new one’s are found.

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   Save Komodo Island

February 12, 2011 @ 6:20 am   

UNESCO confirmed the Komodo dragons as a world heritage in Indonesia. It is undeniable attraction again this giant lizard for world tourism. So there’s no reason for anyone to save Komodo Dragons from extinction. Komodo Island is the NEW 7 Wonders of The World is an opportunity for us to campaign for Komodo as an rare species that must be protected and conserved in the world.

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